Have a Cup of Coffee and Help Veterans
Have a Cup of Coffee and Help Veterans

Still Serving America is a veteran owned company

                                                                 providing for veterans with profits


Our outreach division is Still Serving America Coffee.


We offer 2 coffees:

Organic French Dark Roast

Our Organic French dark roast is a blend of the finest Latin American coffees, roasted dark to bring out the bold smoky overtones. Dark chocolate, brown sugar in a heavy powerful body.

Brew up these dark glistening beans to produce the most complex intense cup you have ever tasted.


Organic Peruvian Decaf

This is one of the best Decafs ever cupped. It is bright and refreshing with a smooth finish. Hard to believe its decaf


Both available in whole bean or ground


Still Serving America Coffee

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Try our Weight Loss Coffee

Or message us to join our Weight Loss Club

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